Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100 Days Smarter!

Last Thursday we celebrated the 100th Day of School. Since our district started way sooner than many others, I thought that some people out there might could use some ideas for this year. It's always a ton of fun to get one or two new ideas!

We started out our day with reading Miss Bindergarten's Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten (of course). I love all of these books! I even had a sheet from the Mailbox. My students drew and wrote about what 100 items they would bring. Most of my boys wanted to bring cars and the girls wanted to bring the balloons! I loved seeing all of their answers!

Our grade level does a lot of holiday rotations (Fall, Winter/Christmas, 100 days, etc.). It's a lot of fun for the students to go to the different rooms and have a different teacher while doing their activities. In my room the students got to do this:

That's right! We made Fruit Loop necklaces. All of the students had a blast! They had to count out 100 pieces of cereal. Some of them sorted the colors and some made patterns. They did such a great job.

In other classrooms, they created 100 day headbands (sentence strip hats), 100 day cookies, built with 100 legos, and stamped 100 stamps. They were so excited by the time they came back to me!

Here are some other great ideas that we did in our room and that I saw in the other rooms:

-Predict where you will end up in 100 steps, draw it, walk it, and draw it again. I got a great picture of my kids doing this! They were so excited because 100 steps took us right to the playground!!

-Draw what you'd look like at 100.

-Count 100 objects.

-Make 100 Day Trail Mix.

-Write about what you would do with 100 ______. (I did this more the next day on the 101st day of school!)

I would love to hear any great ideas that you all do so I can file them away for next year! Please leave a comment or send me a quick e-mail.

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