Monday, February 13, 2012

Bring it on down!

When I first came to Kindergarten, it was definitely a whole new world when compared to Third grade. But as the weeks have turned into months, I have adapted and thrived in my new world. I really love Kindergarten. But some of my kids would have been doing just fine starting in First grade! Two of my students are reading at an EOY First grade to BOY Second grade. So, what to do for their reading to help deepen and strengthen their reading skills? Book clubs of course!

Yep, book clubs in Kindergarten. That's how I roll ;) But, not just book clubs.. they also get a schema board!

Schema, if this is a new word to you, is your background knowledge... it's anything and everything that you already know that you can bring to your reading to help deepen your understanding, questions, connections, etc.

Below is a picture of the overall schema board. It's just simply a file folder that is seperated into thirds. I taught my two pumpkins to use post it notes to record their thinking and put them in each column. Or you could have them write directly on the file folder.

Here is a close up of the headings on each of the columns. I'm really excited to see what my kiddos come up with when we meet for the first time tomorrow.
Since the students are higher readers they are able to read chapter books and that definitely makes a BIG difference. Both of my students are reading Magic Tree House books. This is way more beneficial for them (in my opinion) than Guided Reading since they will be working on reading stratgies instead of the basics of reading.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'd love to help anyone else start this in their room!

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