Thursday, February 23, 2012

March Calendar Freebie from Creating and Teaching!

Have you seen this awesome freebie yet? Creating and Teaching's Erin has done a fabulous job of creating this set of March calendar cards. The adorable pieces show an ABC pattern as a review. My kids will love these!

See, aren't they so stinkin' cute?!?!

I definitely already grabbed my copy from her TPT site. She even has it on her Teacher's Notebook site too. Click here to go straight to her post.

Leave some love for her while you're there. Everyone loves some comments :)

I'll be back with something new and cool from my room tomorrow... or at least this weekend... my adorable  little pumpkins love me so much that they have decided to pass along their current illnesses. So I now have a sore throat, stuff nose, and a cough... along with more parent conferences tomorrow.

Have a happy Friday tomorrow!!

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