Thursday, February 2, 2012

Math Every Day!

Each month I send home a calendar with math problems on it for my students to complete at home. There are lots of different sites out there where you can get these from for various grade levels. There is a site that my administrators told us about a couple months ago that I just LOVE to use! The Math Corner is an excellent resource for many different math items: resources, math in your world, games, and more! There are a ton of great resources for all elementary levels.

The calendars are an excellent thing to send home with an incentive for turning them back in at the end of the month. My students can earn Super Tickets that they turn in for treats from the treasure box. (It's great for counting, needs and wants, and cause/effect!) I love that my parents totally support this! I have over half my class turn in their calendars this month. It's definitely catching on in my room! It's great to have the parents support their child's learning even with something so simple as one math problem a day!

Have a great day!

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