Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break Madness!!

That's right! I'm going crazy on Spring Break! Want to relive your youth? Check out the insanity going on here:

Monday- Pre-k registration
Tuesday- Pediatrician visit
Wednesday- Lunch with mom
Thursday- Haverty's technician visited to check out table
Friday- Plumbers pumped the septic tank.

RAISE THE ROOF!! WOO HOO!!! Are you feeling younger?

Hehehehe. Okay, so I've had a boring Spring Break, but it has been so relaxing. I have spent a ton of time on the couch, watching movies with the kids, playing, and scheming for next year. We won't have any para pros at all, so the more I can get done this year for next, the better. I'm currently waiting to see this outside my window:

Image location

I have three new Mailbox books coming in the mail today and I am SOOOO excited about them!!!!

What have you been doing?

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