Thursday, May 3, 2012

The countdown is on!

We are so close to the end of the year! I am excited that we only have 16 days of school left... yes 16. I can't believe my first year teaching kindergarten is almost over. I have had so much fun!! For those who still have a few more days than that, or for a fun idea next year, here is what we do as a countdown at the end of the year.

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Our countdown is a 26 day countdown for each letter of the alphabet. It is SOOO much fun! Below is what we do for each day:
A- Autograph day (autograph book for each student)
B- Bubbles (individual bottles of bubbles)
C- Cookie day
D- Doughnuts!!!
E- Experiment day (My kids had a blast with this! I' have a whole upcoming post about the experiments we did)
F- Furry friend day (students bring their stuffed animals)
G- Game day (40 minutes-1 hour of playing games that the class brought in. No electronic games allowed.)
H- Hat day
I- Ice cream day (Yummmmy! One of my students brought in Snow Cream. I'd never had it before. Oh my goodness!!)
J- Jump rope day (I have enough for the class to play with)
K- King Day (The boys make crowns and get to do everything first for the day!)
L- Lollipop day
M- M&M day (Delicious math with m&ms as our manipulatives)
N- Necklace day (Fruit loop necklaces)
O- Outside day (Lots of activities outside this day)
P- Popsicle day
Q- Queen day (Girl's rule the day with their crowns)
R- Reading day (Bring your favorite book to share)
S- Sock day (Love spending the day in our room with no shoes!)
T- T-shirt day (Wear your favorite shirt!)
U- Uniform day (Wear your favorite teams shirt)
V-Video day
W-Watermelon day
X- eXtra recess
Y- Year end activities
Z- Zee end :)

I hope this gives ya'll some great new ideas about how to celebrate the end of the year with your sweet children. Some of the upper grades are doing a different take on them.. plus they started about half way through the alphabet because of testing. Start now and end the year with a blast!

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