Friday, June 22, 2012

Conferring... and a freebie!

If you do a workshop model, you know that conferring is awesome and essential to your student's success. Many classrooms are moving towards the Daily 5 and Cafe. I know we started in my room last year with Daily 5. I love it! My students loved it too! I'm looking forward to this fall too since I have a better handle on what to do in a Kinder room.

I was looking around at my resources and did a Google search on conferring notebooks. One of the top links was straight to the 2 Sisters. Love it! I found this amazing page with a video where one of the sisters explains everything about their pensieve. Check it out here:

The Daily CAFE is a Professional Development website designed for teachers and literacy coaches using The Daily 5 and The Literacy CAFE Assessment System. It is loaded with professional video and downloads, all created for teachers like you!

I love how detailed an explanation she gives for each section. It is going to be really helpful, especially since all the printable forms are right below the video.

I have these waiting for me to organize them right now:

The one on the left is my lesson plan binder where I keep my student information (roster, birthdays, and attendance), lesson plans, and curriculum maps. The one in the middle is empty. I'm trying to decide if I can downsize my lesson plan binder a bit this year to make my bag lighter. 

The binder on the right is my conferring binder. In past years, I've had a huuuuge binder for conferring. I had it separated into reading and writing. Way.too.complicated. I love how each child just has one section in the 2 Sisters' version. It's one of those "duh" moments for me :)

I know that the sisters talked about looking for the perfect binder all summer long. But I also realize that some of us might find the perfect binder and it's $10-12 and we just do not want to spend that money. I have always loved the binder cover from Kindergarten Works that is on my lesson plan book. She also has created several brand new ones. Check them out here!

I also made a new one for my conferring cover plus I even made a matching lesson plan cover. Grab them below!


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