Thursday, June 28, 2012

Measurement- Never Say Never

Good morning everyone! I've been watching Sesame Street with my kiddos this morning and say the most wonderful thing for this fall. Doesn't inspiration strike at the oddest moments?

I love to use Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. to introduce concepts to my kids at the beginning of each unit. But sometimes I have to look beyond there to find something that is slightly more Kindergarten appropriate. I saw this video this morning:

What Kindergartener would not just love singing about measurement with Elmo and a knock off Bieber? What do you like to do to introduce new topics or concepts of study?


  1. That is a cute video, my girls last year would have swooned over Justin! I'm glad Sesame Street is still around. :)


  2. I love the technology at our school for especially this reason! I have a friend who teachers 4th grade. She shows video clips of Seasame Street talking about levers, pulleys, and ramps! Thanks for stopping by!