Friday, July 20, 2012

Blast from the past freebies!

Good morning and happy Friday! I thought that with so many of us heading back to school that I would dig back in my posts from Classic Crafter last year and share a couple of freebies over the next few days to celebrate Back to School!

A goal of mine this year is to be slightly more organized. If you know me, you're probably laughing and wondering how is that even possible. But I promise, I have a few ideas up my sleeves to do just that. Here is one my ideas: a student information sheet. Now, I have done this since my second year of teaching thanks to one of my really good friends sharing her document with me. However, the other day I was surfing on Pinterest and saw another friend pin up this:

So, I used Creating and Teaching's version (Pre-K) and made my own version to fit my classroom needs. Feel free to grab the freebie. Plus, don't forget to go check out Creating and Teaching to leave some love too. She did a great job on her awesome sheet!

Student Information Sheet

I hope that this freebie helps you! I used this info sheet last year and it was perfect for my room! I hope you are able to use it as well!

I'm on a countdown to my last week of vacation. How long until ya'll go back?

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