Monday, July 9, 2012

School Supply Bonanza

I know that a lot of us (like 99.9% of us as teachers) see the words "School Supply Sale" and get a tad giddy :) But, there are so many places out there that offer great sales! I typically don't do the "office" stores. I am lucky enough to live in a town with a Walmart and a Target but I know that some people have to drive to get to one or both.

Today my mom came to visit after her chemo visit and we had a great day running around and "shopping" for school supplies. I'm not going to go shopping until Friday so I decide to price different items that I'm buying. Since some of you may have to drive a long way to do this (and the prices on the website seemed really weird to me this year) so I thought that I'd share what I found today in hopes that it helps somebody else.

Packs of 100 lined index cards .64 (1.28 for 200)
60 pencils 4.13 (.07 per pencil)
12 presharpened pencils 2.24  (.19 per pencil)
Plastic folders with prongs .50
Paper folders with prongs .15
Pencil pouch 1.99
White glue .50
Packs of 15 pencil caps .99

Packs of 25 erasers .88
Packs of 200 lined index cards 1.88
Plastic folders with prongs .50
Paper folders with prongs .15
Pencil pouches .97
White glue .50

Overall several of the things are the same the only ones that differ are by a few cents. I think I'll be puchasing from Target this year. I know in years past Wal-Mart had some things for .10 but maybe they'll run some sales on things later this month.

So, what awesome finds have you found so far? Where do you like to shop?


  1. Walgreens has some good sales this week. With a coupon get highlighters 19 cents ea. erasers 29 cents. Sharpies are 39 cents a bunch of cool colors. I got big glue sticks for 39 cents too! Pronged folders are 3/$1.00. I bought a bunch for a writing folder idea I'm working on. Their summer stuff is also 50% off!
    Little Priorities

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know Lori! I'll definitely have to check out my local Walgreens!