Monday, August 6, 2012

Chapter 5: Exploring Art and Artists

Just thought I'd share my blog post over at Teaching My 3. Check it out below!

One of the images that grabbed me about Playful Learning was the front cover. I know we always say," Don't judge a book by it's cover." But, man, oh, man, what a cover!! It's actually one of my favorite things about this book. I love how it draws and invites you it. That's exactly what art should be to a student or child.

After reading this chapter, I have changed the way that I question my students and my own children. Instead of looking at a drawing and asking "What is it?" change it to "Can you tell me more about your drawing?"

Today was the first day of school, which is also why this post is a tad delayed (sorry!!!), but I found myself questioning my students with "What can you add to your ____?" One of my students (I really wish I had caught the process on film!) started with a big swirl of blue that was her swimming in the pool. Our conversation continued:

Me: Were you in the pool?
S: Yep (adds a stick figure person)
Me: Great! Is your pool inside or outside?
S: Outside
Me: Awesome! What can you add to your picture to let me know that?
S: I know! A sun, and a sky,and ground!

It was simple, two minutes but the effect that it had on my pumpkins paper was fantastic!

I wish I had an awesome freebie to give to everyone, but this one is a toughie which it really is more about how you get your students to discover art through exploration. This year I am adding an art center to my room so that I have an actual spot for the students to explore with stickers, stencils, scissors, glue, etc. Way more than what I did last year of simply putting out too little paper in a rush. Each year we improve for the better with our students!

How do you add in your art time with your class?

Teaching with Grace

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