Monday, August 20, 2012

How do kids 'Star' in your room?

In a classroom of 26 Kindergarteners, how do you give your students a chance to shine and be a star all on their own? In our class, we do an awesome activity called Star Name. It's based on an activity from Debbie Miller's book Reading with Meaning.

Each day you have a Star Student :) This special person gets to have their 15 minutes of fame. Well, in Kindergarten at the beginning of the year... it's more like an hour of fame !

I've done it several ways but you always focus on their name. You can simply pull the name from a bag and have them read it, you can give the first letter and have them guess, or you could even have the name written out but cut apart so they have to unscramble it as a class.

You can also take a cue from Hickety Pickety and have them sing the name, clap the name, whisper, shout, etc.

We then do a class drawing for each person so that we can discuss the details of drawing. Shapes, colors, proper placing of objects, etc. This may be the first time someone has ever really show a child in your class how to draw someone. It amazes me to see the growth in their drawings!

Then, each child gets a paper that they can take to their seats and draw the star name person. That's where it gets really interesting! I gather the papers when they are done and turn them into a book using our school's book binding machine.

This year because we don't have the extra set of hands we did last year, we are making just one class book with one page for each person. I thought I'd share the page that I created for the class book. We are doing the drawing and everything, just with the kids talking me through the drawing part of it.


Star Name Book Page

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