Monday, September 17, 2012

AH-mazing Literacy Stations

I had the best day today! No, strike that.. I had an AH-MAZING day! I changed up a couple of things in my room... like... my schedule, my room layout, and how I was teaching. Just one or two small, itsy, bitsy things!
Don't you love it?! One of the things that I've been struggling with this year is that my class is so different from last years (lots of fall/winter birthdays and this year is spring/summer birthdays). I thought that I would share my great literacy centers that I started today. BTW, these ideas are not super original but they are definitely worth repeating! I got all of these from my great co-workers (who have taught Kinder waaaaaay longer than me!)

To start with, we have the infamous listening station. I LOVE our new listening center!! Our Kindergarten don't usually ask for a whole heck of a lot, but since we are really, really pushing technology we asked for some new listening centers. Luckily, we even got to pick them out :D This is what we picked:

Why do they look so cool you ask? What is that box and holder under there you would like to know? Well, they are so very super cool because they are WIRELESS! My kids could sit ANYWHERE in our room and be able to listen to the story! How awesome is that?!?! No more fighting with cords or that they can't reach the book etc. It's awesome!

Our computer center was a very popular one! (Translation: several kids were in tears until they figured out they will get to do computer on another day) I have them all set up on Pebble Go right now. It's an awesome website that is all about non fiction. It also reads everything to the kids, has short movie clips to further understand, and even offers sound bites. The kids loved it!

Writing center this week has the students writing their friends' names. I simply wrote their names on sentence strips, my helper glued their pictures and laminated, and then we posted them on the board. The paper they write on came from a co-worker. It says 'My Friends' at the top and then has 8 lines below (big spaces). So easy. Not fancy. But it teaches that valuable skill of copying from environmental print. So very important for using a word wall during writing!

 Poetry center: This is such a great one! The kids had a great time putting the poem back together. This picture shows it all put together. I actually had 4 of the pieces taken away and the pictures at the bottom. I had the students put the poem together and place the pictures on top of the right words. Then they had pointers to practice reading the poem.

 Big Book center- This center was one that the kids were really excited about too. (Seriously, they were excited about all of it! lol) Several of my students have really, really wanted gotten into playing teacher during our developmental center time. So, for them to have my pointers and my "teacher" big books... it was pretty much heaven for them!
 Sight word/Word work center was pretty cool for them too. In my hardware organizer are lots and lots of magnets. There are drawers for each of the letters of the alphabet PLUS word family magnets too. The kids had a great time building their words (found in the little basket)... I think the only thing I will change will be to hang up our words in a pocket chart. It'll make it easier for the kids to read the words.

In addition to these centers, I also have Read to Self, Read with Someone,  switching out our classroom library books, and our word familiy center.

I'm going to keep improving my centers a little bit at a time. I love seeing everyone else's great ideas. I'd love it if you'd share: What is your favorite literacy center?

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