Thursday, September 13, 2012

B-I-G accomplishments!

I had a H-U-G-E accomplishment yesterday. We have finally started to wind down the explicit instruction of our letters. From here on out it will be more of a review and reinforcement for the kiddos. Since we are starting our literacy centers/ Daily Five, I really needed to teach the kids about their special green baskets.

You may remember this picture from my classroom walk through:

Each of my students have their own green 'Just Right Book' basket that they keep in their cubby (or on top since I am short on cubbies). I taught the students all about picking out their books. They get to fill their baskets from here:

I have my library organized just like an upper grades would: by level and by theme. I have the kids pick 2 of the leveled readers and 3 of the big books (just regular books). This works really well for them since they are going to be completing two other literacy centers and then doing their Read to Self.

The kids also have in their baskets books we have made as a class: Brown Bear emergent reader, My Colors emergent reader, and our word family books. We started our word families using the -at family today. The kids did so great!

Next up is introducing literacy centers. Last year I strictly did the Daily 5. Well... minus the listening station. This year I'm going to do what a fellow co-worker is doing and combine Daily 5 with literacy centers. I can't wait to see how it works out :)

How do you do reading in your classroom?

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