Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big Sigh of Relief!

Wooosh!!! (That's my sigh of relief ;) ) We finally got our new teacher to help relieve are huge classes! It was a wonderful day today with only 20 students instead of 26! I'll typically have 22 but 2 of my students were absent today.

I know that you all understand the difference 6 little bodies can make in a room of students. It was lovely today to have a smaller group. That means they can sit closer, listen better, and learn more! Definitely a great day in our room! Here are some of the things that we did today:

We retold Chicka Chicka Boom Boom along with the awesome video version. My class loved singing it so much that we did it twice! Once during our learning time and once during snack :)

After the first time (during learning time) we did a following directions sheet. This friend did a fantastic job of following directions. It was so tempting to so many to "finish" the picture. But that's not what our directions were to do! :D

We were able to do Star Name even. This is one of their favorite things (since everyone deserves to be a star :) ) But it's so hard to find the time in the day to do it! See here to get more info about Star Name!
We were able to do TWO letters today! We will be done with letters next week and on to our awesome Daily 5! I'm so excited :) The kids are excited too! We  always, always do our handwriting sheet and our letter books. Sometimes we get to mix things up a bit (and practice our motor skills) by making playdough letters on the laminated construction sheets. I'm going to be introducing these into developmental centers next week so that we get a chance to do some great playdough work!

Our letters for today! These were super easy for handwriting but hard to come up with our words! I'm going back this afternoon to add pictures next to each of the words. Then they get to hang up on our cabinets for the kids to use during writing each day!

What great fun things did you and your classes do today? I can't wait to see!

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