Monday, September 3, 2012

Just dropped in to share...

During the midst of computer trouble (i.e.- my puppy chewing on power cords that now need to be fixed since my computer batteries are dead), I want to share this awesome idea I had at the end of the year last year. It has helped me find my own personal books that I use as mentor texts for lessons. Check out the pictures below!

This is a picture of my bottom bookcase that sits behind my desk. I use it to house all of my own personal read alouds. Last year I had them up near my class carpet area however they somehow would mysteriously rearrange themselves through out the week... hmm... ;) So this year, they are secure behind my desk.

Here is a close up of my shelf. From this angle you can tell that I've used white boards to seperate my books. I love having them all seperated and arranged by theme or genre! Plus I used my whiteboards (shower board technically) to seperate and label them. This way they are very, very easy to find and replace. I love, love having these for easy access during lesson planning at my desk. If I ever need to change a title, or change my mind about using a white board, I can simply wipe off my whiteboard! I love quick and easy organization ideas!

What do you guys think?

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