Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oh how, oh how do you do....?

I always want to know how other people organize in their room. I think that's one of the things that I pay the most attention to when surfing the internet. Below is how I set up my centers rotation. I thought that you all might be interested in seeing how I organize all my new centers. I love how simply and easy this is plus it is easily changed as well.

The white index cards have the names of the students in each group. Below the cards are the picture/task cards for the centers that the students will be completing. They do two centers each day-- each lasting about 20 minutes. The kids are loving this. I'm hoping by next week I'll be able to have guided reading groups started while the kids do their centers. Some of them will definitely be sad to miss out on their favorite center one day but I'm hoping that encourages their attention to stay on me in hopes of finishing quickly :)

Keep on a look out for an upcoming giveaway! I'm so excited!!!

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