Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Sunday!!

Happy Sunday to each and everyone of you! I pray that you will each be blessed infinitely today!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Predictable Charts Day 5: Print It!

The kids love Day 5!!! On day 5, the students get to publish their awesome sentences. Some teachers call this silly sentences or mix up sentences. This is the only day that has a bit if prep. (1 out of 5 isn't bad, right?) You will need to type up each of the students' sentences and then cut them out as a strip, and again as individual words. The tricky part is to not get them mixed together and to get them to the right student.

I usually give the students their paper that they will publish on and then cut out their words as I walk around. They students glue them in the right order and illustrate.

Here is one of my best author illustrators this week:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Predictable Charts: Day 4: Be what you are!

Day 3 is a super fun day! It has a tiny bit of prep to it. Literally, very tiny! Simply pick a sentence from your children's list (or you could do more than one sentence if you have time). Write each word on a seperate sheet of paper.

I handed out my sheets to different students so that they were all mixed up. Then the students stood in a line. The remaining kids on the rug had to read and tell the kids where they had to move (done with my questioning and direction). They were ALL engaged and had fun! It was really funny when they noticed that the period had it's very own sheet. There was lots of "what's that dot for? "why do you have a dot?"... cute and informative as to who knows what a period is and where it goes!

Here's what it looks like when you are done:

Then I had the whole class read the sentence together and figure our whose sentence that it was. They had a blast!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Predictable Charts: Day 3: What's so important?

One of our awesome grammar programs that our entire school uses is Mentor Sentence. (Jeff Anderson is awesome! I will be writing more about this program next week!) We use the predictable chart as a lead up to this program to get the children used to the routine. The first day of Mentor Sentence the students notice what's awesome about it. With predictable charts I really focus on teaching them what they can notice: sight words, capital letters, periods, etc. Here's what our chart looks like after day 2:

First we found all the sight words. This took some time as we read through it... especially since it's their first week. We will step it up as the weeks go on.

Then we even worked in a bit of math by counting:

That even led to conversation on comparing numbers and what not. :) Love it when I can sneak it in even just a tiny bit!!!

Predictable Charts: Day 2: Get to the point!

This second day is great for kids who are struggling with their 1:1 correspondance of words. The easiest thing about this day is that all of your prep is already done! All you need is a pointer! On Day 2, the students get to reread their sentences to the class. All of the mini-teachers will love this day the most :)

I have a lot of really fun pointers to use in my class and the kids love to pick. I even have a great tutorial here to make your own cute (and cheap) ones like these:

Ready for your tutorial? It's only four words: Hobby Lobby.... hot glue! The cute wooden pieces are for sale individually and they have a ton of options! The dowel rods are about a foot and a half or so and then I painted them before I hot glued the adorable pieces on to them.

On occasion the wooden piece comes off but not often enough to really be a bother. Plus the kids looooove using these as their pointers!

New Freebie!

Happy Wednesday! I have discovered a way to get myself out of a funky and grumpy mood... give something to make someone else happy! So... here is a new freebie for you!

This has 5 activities in it that allow for differentation. The only items that you need to gather are bags of items to count (recording sheet included) and cut/laminate the snowmen pictures (included). My kids love these centers!!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Predictable Charts: Day 1

When I first started teaching kindergarten, last year ;), I had to google predictable charts. There definitely wasn't much use for them in third grade :D! Honestly though, there wasn't a whole lot of information out there. You either found one of two things:

1) a definition
2) an example of a great sentence.

Not a lot if help for a newbie! So, for all the other newbies out there, I thought that you might be interested in seeing how I do predictable charts ( broken down day by day).

I am not saying that this is the only way (it's not) or that its the best (definitely probably not true!). But it works for me :)

Day 1: create the sentences. This part, believe it or not, was one of the most confusing to me!

How do I write all the sentences? Do the kids write them? Do I write them? Which part do they spell? Phonetic or correct spelling?

After some trial and error, this is what I have learned:
1) Break up the writing, do about 5-8 kids in one sitting and do a little through out the day. The goal is to have a sentence for each child but you want them all to be paying attention. If you lose their attention, stop.

2) Write the predictable part first. Some other teachers may have the students spell it each time. I would suggest feeling out your students about this. I spell aloud and many join in with me without being told.

3) Help them revise. Some of my students want to give me loooooong and deeeeetailed sentences. I ask them how we could say the same thing but maybe shorten it. Kinders tend to give run on sentences sometimes anyways :)

4) Differentiate. Make use of your "knowledgeable" students to help out your strugglers.

These are just a few things that have worked for me the past year or so. How do you make it work for you?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New year, new goal

May your year be filled with blessings that abound the year round. My goal this year is to enjoy life and all the blessings that I have. I pray that you all are blessed. What is your goal for the year? I would love to know!