Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Predictable Charts: Day 2: Get to the point!

This second day is great for kids who are struggling with their 1:1 correspondance of words. The easiest thing about this day is that all of your prep is already done! All you need is a pointer! On Day 2, the students get to reread their sentences to the class. All of the mini-teachers will love this day the most :)

I have a lot of really fun pointers to use in my class and the kids love to pick. I even have a great tutorial here to make your own cute (and cheap) ones like these:

Ready for your tutorial? It's only four words: Hobby Lobby.... hot glue! The cute wooden pieces are for sale individually and they have a ton of options! The dowel rods are about a foot and a half or so and then I painted them before I hot glued the adorable pieces on to them.

On occasion the wooden piece comes off but not often enough to really be a bother. Plus the kids looooove using these as their pointers!

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