Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Predictable Charts: Day 3: What's so important?

One of our awesome grammar programs that our entire school uses is Mentor Sentence. (Jeff Anderson is awesome! I will be writing more about this program next week!) We use the predictable chart as a lead up to this program to get the children used to the routine. The first day of Mentor Sentence the students notice what's awesome about it. With predictable charts I really focus on teaching them what they can notice: sight words, capital letters, periods, etc. Here's what our chart looks like after day 2:

First we found all the sight words. This took some time as we read through it... especially since it's their first week. We will step it up as the weeks go on.

Then we even worked in a bit of math by counting:

That even led to conversation on comparing numbers and what not. :) Love it when I can sneak it in even just a tiny bit!!!

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