Saturday, March 23, 2013

Freebie... just because!!

I am really, really excited because I just bought my very first BRAND NEW CAR! My last car was a great car... 264,000 miles great. It took me everywhere for the past 9 years :) Actually 7 because my mom passed it onto me about 2 years after she got. So, today I bought a brand new Ford Fusion... awesome car! Here's kind of what it looks like:

Pretty right? Anyways, it came with 5 miles on it... yep 5. B-I-G step down from 264,000. Anyways, I wanted to share my excitement with you... what better way than to get a freebie! I hope you enjoy it and can use it next week!

This is a center that I'll be using this week. I put together plastic Easter eggs. One side has an addition or subtraction problem and then the other has the answer... It's tricky though because I mixed the colors up! The kids will record the sentence and answer PLUS color the top and bottom color on the egg. Don't you just LOVE the awesome DJ Inkers clipart. It's adorable!!

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