Friday, April 19, 2013

Five on Friday!

I still have time!!! I have 37 minutes to get it written and posted! Here are my 5 for Friday.. just random happy thoughts from today:

#1- I am so happy and thankful for all the law officials in Boston! I'm not going to turn into a political debate at all. Just that it's good that they apprehended the suspect for justice and everyone is safe!

#2- I am so happy for our Countdown to Summer... today was COOKIE Day! Loved having one of my sweet friends bring in our treats today!

#3- So excited because next week we will be going to the zoo! My students can't wait and neither can I!

#4- I can't wait for this weekend because my little guy will be playing his second T-ball game tomorrow and he is so excited!

(I now feel bad that I don't have his picture on my computer yet to share of my Big Leaguer!)

#5- My husband and I are looking forward to Sunday because we are going to the Renaissance Festival just south of Atlanta. I have never been and am looking forward to it!

Look out for two REALLY, REALLY big posts next week! I am planning on a giveaway AND an intro to a summer learning project :)

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  1. Just found your sweet blog:)
    I'm happy for Boston, too. Glad it's over for them.
    Take care.
    Grade ONEderful
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