Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kindergarten Math Exploration = Organized Chaos

Organized Chaos. I swear that sometimes that pretty much sums up my day... BUT I love it :) Today we continued exploring as true mathematicians. I think that this really helped my kiddos understand the concept of capacity. It all started with this activity sheet that one of my team members found: 

It is an awesome exploration activity for the kids to really get a grasp on capacity of objects... without using water *shudder*.
They had to make a guess of which container would be the largest capacity. I did make this differentiated for the different tables. Some of them had two that looked pretty close and others were made to be rather easy to tell.

After they made their guess, I wrote their hypothesis on the table so they knew what they had said. Then they began filling up their containers with cubes.

It was so great to see how excited they were about using their math tools and showing their thinking. It was awesome!

Some of the groups worked together better than others, but they all definitely showed growth on how to work in a group! They loved working with their tables and explaining their thoughts. You could see so many of them shine!

After they figured out how many went in each, they wrote the number of cubes on a sticky note and stuck it to the container. Then they put the containers in order from lowest capacity to highest capacity.

There work today was so amazing! This is a definite redo lesson for next year! I'm even going to adapt it for a math tub activity for next week! How do you teach capacity?

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