Thursday, April 25, 2013

Teachable Moments = Awesome!

We all have them and we love them! I had one with my students on the playground this week. It was so great! We have been learning all about butterflies, plants, caterpillars, and life cycles. The kids have really, really gotten into it this year!

At recess on Tuesday, they discovered a beautiful butterfly... or so we thought. After researching it's actually a Luna Moth:


It was beautiful! But sadly, several of the boys on the playground decided it would be a good idea to make it fly... by throwing wood chips at it. Teachable moment #1: Discussing how to treat living things of all sizes. Definitely an eye opener for some of the kiddos.We discussed this as I took the poor thing to the other side of our chain link fence and put it on bushes to hang out and (hopefully) recover.

Not 3 minutes later I heard my name being called... only to find (surround by kinders) this:


Cute little guy... just hanging out in the wood chips.. until half of the Kindergarten decided they wanted to swing. Anyways, I got to rescue him as well.. after teachable moment #2: wood chips and rocks both do damage to living things.

What is your favorite teachable moment?

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