Monday, June 24, 2013

Edible Estimation

I shared this last Friday over on Kindergarten Lifestyle! But I also wanted to share it over here too!

Week before last week I went to our cluster's Math Institute and learned so many great, great things! You can read more about it here, here, here, and here. I did a recap for each day!

One of  my favorite ideas was to have weekly estimation in order to help my students strengthen their number sense. Even though estimation is "technically" not in the Common Core, we all want our students to have stronger number sense, right? So, I'm planning on doing Edible Estimation next year! I am so excited!!!

What do you need?

- a small see-through jar (think baby food jar, marshmallow puff jar, etc.)
-a sign up from parents who are interested in contributing (freebie below!!)
-a parent reminder letter (freebie below!!!)

How do you do it?

(This is how I plan on putting this into practice this fall. I'm taking what our instructor told us last week, what I've read, and what I think will work for the way that I teach!)

-Show students the jar during a morning meeting or activity time. Allow them to pick it up, examine it, discuss with friends. Have one of the items on the top so they can really focus on what 1 of the items look like. Students should record their estimate on a class chart.

-Discuss what 10 looks like using this item (so they realize that fruit loops are larger than skittles). Show the students.

-Have the students write their estimate on a sticky note. Post the sticky notes on your number line (a must that I'm adding next year!) Discuss who was close. A good rule of thumb is 5 on either side of the number is a close estimate.

I'm going to create a magnetic "window" to show my students who had a good estimate.

-Count out the items (have students in a math circle or use your document projector) making sure to show the students how to put them in groups or rows of ten to make their counting easier.

-Discuss the actual number of items. Go back to your number line to explore and discuss some more!

-Allow students to enjoy their sweet/yummy treat :) Keep 5-10 to use as a benchmark for the next week.

** If the treat is something that you can get, you could even give your students their own container another day to estimate, count, and explore as a math activity.

One of my favorite books to read to my Kinders!

Freebie time!

I hope you enjoy this cute parent sign up sheet and reminder letter!

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