Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday

So excited to be linking up for Five for Friday! I've had a pretty great week this week and am enjoying summer vacation! I do have to say thought that most of my 5 this week is all about shopping! I am really bad about not typically buying for myself. I've tried to treat myself as a reward a bit this summer.

1- I ordered these adorable shoes from Victoria's Secret. I have always loved, loved their clothes and shoes but never felt like I could wear them. With one child going into Kindergarten this year and one less day care bill, I figured one pair of shoes wouldn't hurt! Not to mention all the other things that came with the shoes ;)

2- I have also found the best little on-line store: The Chic Orchard. I ordered this maxi skirt and dress from them. I am in love with both! They are comfy, easily washed and dried (don't really like dry clean or irons at my house!) and are fairly inexpensive as this sight gets their stuff straight from the manufacturer.


3- I also got these awesome new shoes with a sole (ha ha) purpose in mind-- Running! I always seem to promise myself that I'll get better at running, that I'll lose weight, that I'll yada yada yada. Well guess what? These bad babies are my commitment! I even ran 5 miles last Sunday! Yep, pretty proud of myself!

4- I am also insanely excited to share that on my journey to lose weight and become a better runner. I have already lost...

I so excited! My clothes fit better and I feel better. I'm pretty gosh darn proud of myself too! Yay me!

5- I'm also excited about the great products that I've rolled out this week... and in honor of my 10 pounds gone, I'm going to have a sale this weekend for 10% off everything in my store even my brand new Common Core Sets! I am so truly in love with those things!

(Plus, I'll even up it to 20% off if I get those other 11 TPT followers!)

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  1. YOU GO GIRL! Good for you on the weight loss. I need to get moving myself! Great packet!