Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Getting ready for Back to School! (plus an easy giveaway!)

I know, I know... it's only my second week of summer vacation. But I am already busy making things for the beginning of the year! I thought you all might like them too! I've already added them to my TPT store and wanted to give y'all a peek. If you leave a comment telling me which one you like, I'll give one away for free on Friday :)

They both have upper case and lower case matching, reading response sheets, number ordering cards, and play dough letter formation pages. I love both of these sets since they are for two of my favorite books at the beginning of the year! I'll even be including these alphabet cards in my work stations at the beginning of the year. Just the change in the picture will make them "new" to the students!

Leave a comment with your favorite to be entered!


  1. Hi Jennifer- I'm your newest follower. I really like both of them- if had to pick one - I would choose the Chicka theme. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Love Chicka Chicka!


  3. I love The Kissing Hand! It is always my first author study of the year!