Monday, June 17, 2013

Guided Reading Binder: A Quick Look-See!

Earlier this week, after sending out my very first newsletter (eek!!!! so excited about that! Sign up on the right if you haven't yet!), I received an e-mail from a subscriber asking about my guided reading:

I will be entering my second year of teaching kindergarten.  I was wondering what activities you use to keep students independent so that you can see your guided reading groups.  We do literacy centers, but that only allows me to see one maybe two groups.

Would also love any lesson ideas for building community.

This was my answer:

Those are great questions! I just finished up my second year in Kindergarten :) This past year I actually pulled a group as students were coming in for the day and working on morning activity/getting ready for the day/eating breakfast/ etc. On Wednesdays on my blog, I am posting as I go through Literacy Work Stations by Debbie Diller. Make sure that you stop by! I have found that the most important part is the set up at the beginning of the year, teaching your kids how to do centers independently. If you look at my post from last Wednesday, I have a couple of ideas for helping with management that I'm going to try this year. You can also think about your schedule. We have Reading Workshop as well as Literacy Centers. So if I pulled one as the students come in, one during independent reading after my mini lesson for Workshop, and two during Literacy Centers: I've pulled 4 in a day. I'll make sure to post about my guided reading schedule next week for you. My notebook is at school and I can't get to it at the moment. I sure hope this helped. Please let me know what else I could help you with!

I knew I would be doing our Math Institute this week and took the opportunity to get some work done this afternoon (i.e.- printing of the unoccupied colored printer!! and using of the also unoccupied laminator!!!) I went ahead and grabbed some shots of my guided reading binder to share:

This adorable cover came from a Guided Reading set that I purchased off of TPT.

I love this awesome resource! I found it on Pinterest a while ago. Click here to visit the page. This one sheet lists most levels that primary grades work with AND what skill this group needs to really focus on. Love it! 

This is a freebie recording sheet that I found somewhere on-line. I'm sorry that I don't have a site to link to! It worked fairly well for me. However, I've created my own that I've tweaked here and there a bit to work better for me next year. It'll be posted soon!

Last but not least, I always have the grade correlation chart on hand since we just switched to Fountas and Pinnell (FNP... which just makes me laugh to hear someone say it out loud!) and I'm still learning what level equals what number. 

What else do I need though? I just finished working on my Guided Reading packet and making sure to add a sheet to record WHAT book EACH student has.. I have a feeling I lost a lot of books this year. Goodness gracious!

If you want to check out how I'll be organizing my binder for next year, check it out here:

As an affiliate with Amazon, I would love it if you would show through my links. These are some of my favorite resources for guided reading!

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