Friday, June 7, 2013

Math Institute: Day 1

Hey all! This summer I am super excited to be able to get to do a PL with my county that I haven't done before: Math Institute! Since I'm from a larger county, I have a LOT of available PL opportunities to me. I'm really excited about the math training though for a couple of reasons:
1- Common Core is now here and I really want to understand it better!
2- I get to learn new things!!
3- I will be seeing other teachers teaching real kids!

Today was simply a 'Teacher Learning Day' as the coordinator described it. We had fun talking, learning, looking at the vertical alignment of math standards, and watching clips from the newest book on my book list:

There were some AH-mazing discussions going on and holy crud, the number sense that those kids had!!!! I want my kinders to go to 1st and beyond being able to tell how they solved things like those kiddos did!

Since I don't have the book or CD, I unfortunately won't be able to share any of the clips with you... you definitely need to get a copy or borrow from a friend (it's a tad expensive buy at $50). But.... I can share with you this excellent Energizer that one of the ladies shared with us.

It's part of the Responsive Classroom (i.e. morning meeting, etc.). They have a book simply titled Energizers. This clip shows the one that we learned today:

Now, that's not me. I give serious kudos to the girl who videoed herself doing the energizer! I have a huge fear of humiliation. lol (who doesn't right?) Maybe one day I will work up to videoing myself and posting things like this. I do know that I'm no Harry Kindergarten by any means!

Plus, remember I promised a winner for my current giveaway- your favorite of my two newest packs. The winner is....both of the sweet ladies who posted! I love when people comment. I just couldn't choose between two.. one would be sad. So both lovely ladies- Yvonnee and Rachel are both receiving their choice of packs! Congratulation ladies!



  1. The number talks book is amazing. We started using that in october in our district. My kinders excelled in math this year and I give a lot of credit to my daily number talks. I made them very hands on and consistent. The kinders loved this time of day! !!

  2. We also do responsive classroom and I my number talks a part of our morning routine (meeting). It is effective and it is worth the time. Number sense in my room soared! !!

    Cindy Price

    1. Awesome! I brought home my Morning Meeting book to read this summer so that I can be more efficient about it next year since I've never done it.

    2. Have you blogged about your morning routine? I would love to read about it!

  3. OMG!!! I have been singing this song for years after learning it at Y camp when i was a kid! I LOVE your hand motions for it! :o) It made me smile to hear someone else singing it!

    1. That is awesome! Our classroom leader didn't sing it at all but the 2nd grade class next to us did. It was so cute to watch their kids do the motions :)