Monday, June 10, 2013

Math Institute Day 2: Number Sense!

Today was our first day at the math institute with students. I have to brag for a moment because 2 of the kiddos were mine from this past year and I was blown away that they still had their math minds in motion (even 2 weeks into summer!!!)! I wanted to share with y'all some of the AH-mazing things that I saw today!

This is a cute activity that I will definitely use in the fall when we start graphing. The kids had to take a cube for each of their pockets and count how many they had. Then they graphed them using the cards:

One of the very, very best things that I saw was the QUESTIONING that went on during the whole day. Here's the anchor chart that the teacher leader had up (that I will be putting up in my room for the fall!):

I usually use the simple question "Why?" to my kids or "How do you know?" but these questions are so much better!

In an effort to go slightly more paperless, yet still challenge my students, the number for today was 5 (since we focused on fluency up to 5). So their centers were as follows:

 What can you make with 5 toothpicks?

Bean Shake: Can you shake and find all the different ways to make 5?

Use the cubes to show all the ways to make 5

What pictures can you make with only 5 shapes?

Can you make a 5 sided figure?
Before we changed centers, which were only at each table, the teacher leader had the students do a museum walk. This was excellent and supremely easy! The students simply lined up, hands behind their backs, and circled up around each table or center. The students who worked there at that time shared what they made or built, then we moved to the next table and so on. 10 minutes topped. It was awesome!

I also found a great new song to include in calendar next year!

What was your favorite math lesson this year?

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