Thursday, June 6, 2013

One of my favorite things about summer...

I love the library! I love taking my own kiddos to the library. It's the best place ever! We go every week to story time. My kids (as much as they are some what determined to be "those kids" that just watch and not dance like the others) love to go. Their sweet smiles are adorable! They wiggle to the songs and sing along (very quietly). I can't really blame them since I was pretty much the same way when I was little. I do have the cutest little picture of my little guy. So cute!

Isn't that the perfect little buddy to take with you to story time?! Adorable!

My two littles have been so excited about getting new books. My daughter has discovered her new favorite: Angelina the Ballerina. My son has discovered non fiction books. I love telling him all I know about space and the world. It's so great the questions that he asks!

I've also taken the opportunity to check out some awesome literature for my little guy before he starts Kindergarten in the fall. Yeah, I'll be officially a mom of an elementary student. Yikes!

Yep, I scored some awesome books for him and well... for me to make lessons and activities about for next year!

Excellent books for personal narrative writings! What Kinderland little can't write a story that starts with "When I was little..".

I also picked up these as new finds. I read One Hole in the Road to my son. It is an awesome counting book.. especially for those little boys who say they don't like reading. They'll love it!

My Crayons Talk is an adorable book to show colors. Both of my littles loved it!

New Shoes for Silvia is another great book for writing. What kiddo doesn't have their very favorite pair of shoes that they are in love with.

I also grabbed a couple more favorites:

I can't wait to share the great ideas I have for these new books! I just have to get them down into my computer and not swirling around in my head!

Have you found a new favorite book lately?

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