Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shopping for next year.. what are your top faves?

One of my favorite things that I love about the summer is shopping :) I have some definite things that I am buying this year. I thought I would share my ideas. I'd also love to see some of yours!

My top thing that I'm ordering right now is new a new teacher bag! I love Thirty-One bags and the Utility Bag is literally the PERFECT teacher bag! I'd heard a lot about them from other teachers but had not gotten one until the end of last school year when my room mom bought me one for a present. I used it every day this year. I have to emphasize every day because I am one of those that change their bags ALL the time. But I didn't change it once this year! It's awesome. The prefect size, the perfect amount of pockets everything! With that being said, my good friend Megan is a consultant for them so I'm hosting an on-line party through her until next Friday.

Here's what I'm getting:

Lotsa Dots
The perfect teacher bag.. and I love the Lotsa Dots! It'll match the brown, black, and navy that I tend to wear a lot! I'm also going to get these great products:

Lotsa DotsLotsa Dots
Retro Metro Purse                                                                    Out N About Thermal

Are you noticing a theme yet?

Lotsa DotsIcon Coin Purse
Timeless Wristlet                                       Icon Coin Purse... This one's for my little girl for Christmas!

I mainly very much wanted a set of everything that matches! Plus this month if you order you can get one of the large utility totes for $10 after spending $35! I think I'm up to at least 2 :) Which will be going into my car trunk to stop things from rolling around back there.

If you want to shop, here's the link to my party. Leave a comment on here, I'd love to know what you order... my order might just get bigger!!

I'm also going to getting a class set of canvas bags like these:

13 1/2" x 13 1/2" Natural Tote Bag Set
I'm planning on using these for Just Right book bags for the kids to have. The past two years I've had plastic baskets from the Dollar Tree. But they took up a lot of room. These are going to hang on the coat hooks since I have cubbies too. They will also be far more durable and can be washed when they get icky dirty. Now.. how to decorate them :)

I've also been eyeing the idea of make seat pockets for each of my chairs. The teacher next door to me had her amazing mom make her some and I've eyed them all year long...but I've also seen a couple of pictures on Pinterest like this one:

I may very do this because it will be perfect for their daily journal and supply box. I'm super excited about these great new organization ideas for next year.

I'd love to see what you are buying for next year.. or what you order from Thirty-One!

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