Friday, June 21, 2013

Soothe Their Little Hearts: First Day of School Activity

One of my very, very favorite beginning of the year books (as many of you know and might agree) is The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. As a mommy myself, it warms my heart to read it each year. I know how very nervous the little pumpkins are on the first day of school and it's such a blessing to be able to make them feel a little bit more secure in their new classroom just by reading a book and talking about their feelings.

If you don't have a copy of this book yet, it's a must for Kindergarten! I also love, love all of her other books too! Chester is just the best little guy!

This year, since I have found my Kindergarten groove for the most part, I'm going to incorporate several more really truly adorable activities. I wanted to share one with you though! My son did this last year on his first day of Pre-K and I love it! As a mommy, it made my heart melt. He came home so excited to tell me about the kiss in his hand :)

How precious, right? Plus, I have a freebie for you! You can download the poem on my TPT page for free! I've put 4 on a page so it's small enough that you can have your students do a drawing on the bottom and their hand print on the top.

I also want to get these cute little guys too in order to add to the activities for my first day. How adorable!

What do you do with this book?


  1. Barnes and Noble has this title on their site of books for "online storytime" -it's read aloud by Audrey Penn, if you don't already have the book. The activity is very cute.


    1. I'll have to look for that and share it in another post. Thanks for the great idea! I love, love using Storyline Online. It's a fabulous website for stories being read aloud on line!