Sunday, June 2, 2013

Star Heaven with a Rhyming Freebie!

So yesterday was one of those wonderful days with my family :) I love just hanging out spending time with my awesome husband and my sweet kiddos. We usually have tons of things going on and it's a rush from one place to the next. Yesterday was just a nice peaceful laid back kind of day.

It was topped off when I ended up talking with the AH-mazing Debbie Clement about rhyming last night! I am so excited to share this great freebie with you. It comes from an awesome teacher on my grade level. This half sheet is the perfect quick little assessment for your Kinders or Firsties to see if they know what rhyming is and can produce it. I hope you enjoy!

Make sure to go check out Debbie. She is so stinking awesome! (Seriously, she is!) Plus, she has a giveaway going on over at Pre K and K Sharing where you could win a FREE Skype visit with her for next school year. I am dying to win!!!! Definitely go and check it out!


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