Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throw Back Thursday!

Love this idea! Thanks Cara for putting it together! I just linked up at The First Grade Parade for Throw Back Thursday. Fun! Head over and check out the list... lots of freebies are sure to be there!

I shared this throw back:

Daily 5 is so big right now! But for Kindergarten it's some times a challenge to have working on word activities. It was really hard for me this past year since I was new to teaching Kindergarten and Daily 5 was a new program to our grade level. Since I've been able to reflect this summer I have thought about things that I want to do differently this year. I have also been creating a new activities for my students to use. This is on that I plan on using this at the beginning of the year. I thought everyone else might want to get a copy too :) Enjoy!

Writing Letters

Have a great day!!


  1. Oh, D'Nealian!!! Thank you!

    I incorporated the Daily 5 into our literacy block, beyond the phonics workbook that my school mandates. My kindergartners loved every part of Daily 5, especially Read To Self. They were very proud of the stamina that they built over the year!
    :-)Chrissy ReadWriteSing

    1. I love the D'Nealian fonts that our school has programmed onto our computers. I am sad that mine seem to be missing recently :(

      I love Daily 5! It's such a wonderful, wonderful program. I need to be more diligent about letting the kiddos know and tracking their stamina.