Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Top 5 Blogging Tips (from the perspective of a relatively new blogger.. with a freebie!!)

When I started out blogging just over 3 years ago, I was literally stuck in bed. Honest! I was on bed rest in the hospital urging my daughter to not make her appearance 2 months early. As I laid there memorizing the schedule of when Golden Girls and Murder, She Wrote (love those!!!), I decided to jump into the land of blogs since I had been playing with the idea. I originally started with a crafting blog... and after a year of struggling with it (since I hardly ever found the motivation to do actual crafting) I decided to create a brand new blog for my true hobby... Teaching! I do love that it's also my job :) Makes it way easier!

Anyways, along the way, these are my top 5 pieces of advice for new bloggers:

#1 Be true to you- Like I learned, if it's adding more work to your already hectic schedule, don't force it. I just could not ever, ever manage to get all my mommy things, teacher things, wife things done and then add crafty things on top of it. I still have a craft room. I still use my crafty things some of the time. I typically crochet some in the winter.. have finished maybe 3 scarves.. total. I have a jacket I started for my husband 3 years ago... seriously. Would you want to read a blog about some one who never finishes things? Me neither. But teaching on the other hand. It's my passion. I love it. I'm a nerd for it. Summer break comes.. you see what I'm doing. I'm that teacher that takes on extra Professional Learning because she adores to learn and try new things.

#2 Be consistent- We all have those times in our lives that we are insanely busy and can't squeeze in anything else. Trust me. I get that. I'm not saying that you have to post every single day. A lot of people pick one day of the week and post once a week. Do what works for you. If you hit a rough patch, leave a note for your dedicated readers. They'll come back. Believe me. My mom lost her battle with cancer in January. Leading up to it and after it, I didn't blog. I could barely make it through teaching, being mommy, and being a wife let alone think about a cute unit to create or an awesome new idea to share. I'm now getting back into the swing of things.

#3 Post content- Make sure you share things that you learn and do. Throw in some freebies to create added interest. Most people don't want to log in to hear about nothing but giveaways. People blog hop to read, discover, and learn. A giveaway every now and then is alright :)

#4 Make connections- Get to know your other bloggers! I have over a hundred that are on my blog roll. Spend time going to the ones that post. Read, spend time learning and discovering, AND leave some love in the form of a comment/follow/like or all three! Everyone loves to receive comments on their posts, gain followers on blogger, or followers on Facebook. Plus, reply if there are questions on a blog.

#5 Don't be annoying- With that being said, as you make connections and blog, don't go over the top. If you share a post or blog, 1 or 2 a day is fine. You can always schedule posts for the next day or the next week if you know that you are going to be super busy. It's better to wait then to over take people with too many posts to read or too many shared blog posts on Facebook.

These are just some of my lessons that I've learned as I've gone along. I am not an expert.. I repeat. I am not an expert! But I hope for some of the other newer bloggers, this helps. I used to look at some of the AH-mazing bloggers that are out there and think that I had to do everything that they did... not true. Take it a little at a time. Trust me, three years into this and I'm still learning!

So freebie time.. I shared this waaaaay  back when I first started blogging.. so far back I couldn't even find the post! This is the perfect little planning page to print out and keep next to your computer or on your desk. You can even take it to meetings :)

Click the picture to grab your freebie!

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