Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Work Station Wednesday: Big Book Center

Big Books. It's one of the easiest to set up but there is still a challenge to this center. Where is the challenge you ask? The management! In the past 2 years my big book center consisted of my students simply reading the big books on the floor near the book station. Not any more! After reading this chapter, oh my center is going to be so, so much better! Here are some of the things that I will change for next year:

1) My set-up- I will have my big book easel near my board area, but not right next to my chair. I want to model to the students standing, pointing, turning pages, etc. This is what I used last year and it just didn't work right. The kids would lay in the floor instead. So, next year- easel.

 2) Really model, model, model. Here's my list (so far) of what I need to make sure my students know how to do:
-Pick a book                                               - Turn the pages on the book
-Point to words                                           - Hunt letters
-Follow task cards                                      - Put away books

3) I want task cards! How is it that I never thought about WHAT they did at BBC? I just always had the students read. Sometimes, I would have them letter hunt or word hunt, but it was something that I told them to do. Now I'm thinking (like the book suggested) to use task cards! That is my project for the day!

Here are some of my favorite big books that I either have or are about to have!

Here are my task cards that I will be using! If you download them, please leave some feedback :)

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