Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Work Station Wednesday: How do I use Literacy Work Stations?

Wow. When I read Chapter 2 this week, it was completely another week of 'duh' but it was still new. I know confusing right? What I mean is that she took all the best from several people and combined it together. For example: I don't have I can charts at my literacy centers... but I do in my math tubs and in my Daily 5 centers. So it was new as in a duh moment... if that makes any sense at all!

Here's what I took from this chapter this week:

-I can charts at my centers.
-Teach in mini-lesson form at the beginning of the year (definitely a must since this past year I started farther into the year)
-Do not try to pull groups or assess until at least 6 weeks in (yikes! this one, in reality is hard, there is so much that most of our schools expect us to do.. just teaching routines and not doing anything else... gonna have to find a way to manage that!)
- Have a materials manager and a computer expert. Love this idea!

I know that I've shared before, but here is my center chart... which next year will read Work Station Chart:

The white cards on the top of the chart are the groups of students. I split the groups so the top half of the group do the first card and the bottom half do the bottom card. Then they switch after 15 minutes. It's a system that one of my coworkers has used for years and it works so, so well!

I have a couple of freebies for you this week, you can grab them all by clicking the pictures below:

A new center chart topper:

An 'I Can' template (I left it blank so you could just hand write on it or laminate and reuse):

Name badges for your experts:

I hope you enjoy :) I'd love it if y'all could tell me your best managing tip for work stations! Post here or e-mail me at penniesforluck @ I'd love to put together a great e-book with all the awesome hints and tips!

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