Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Work Station Wednesday: Writing Station

I had to giggle when I read this chapter title. After having done my book study this summer on 'Talking, Drawing, and Writing', it was the perfect chapter to read in Debbie Diller's book!

Love this book! If you want to check it out, I'd love it if you would use the link above!

What does a writing station look like?

This is what I used last year as a writing table. I loved it! I may try and switch it out for a rectangular table instead for this fall, just for more room. I had magnets, metal sheet pans, stamps, stamp pads, crayons, colored pencils. I should also have different types of paper out for them to have access to, however, my class last year would not have been able to handle that. This next year I'm going to put that into my management and really work on it through out the year as needed.

What do they do?
In this chapter, there is a HUGE list of suggested activities for the students that are both meaningful to them and great writing practice. The first one even works in line with our book study this summer:

-TALKING and telling their partner a story or other ideas they want to write about DURING writing.

-Writing cards- I'm thinking shared writing of a thank you note that they get to create the card and paste in a printed copy of our letter OR even write it themselves.

-Work on their writing workshop writing.

-Practice their letter formation- play dough, paint bags, jelly bags, stencils... so many possibilities!

Anything else?

Debbie Diller also suggested having a Help Board for the students to refer to. It has ideas to write about, types of writing, and ideas of where to go for help. I'm REALLY excited to set this up for my students because I know exactly how I'm going to do it!

If you haven't read any other chapter yet, you should definitely read this one! It has lists broken down by grade level, station possibilities, expectations, modeling suggestions, etc. It's simply too much to post all at once.. I'd really have to copy the whole chapter for you and that's a no-no. 

But.... I can leave you with an awesome FREEBIE!


  1. My writing station is definitely something I need to work on for next year. I'm in a different classroom and it doesn't have a lot of room to set up a place for writing. I may have to be creative and have a tub instead where they can sit on the floor and use clipboards or something.


    1. I'd love to see what you come up with! I had something similar this year to my poetry station. I had a large, free standing, sectioned tote that came from the scrap booking section at Wal-mart. It was perfect for holding pencil boxes of materials, a folder with the poems (in your case though writing folders), and everything else that the students needed. It could definitely be doable!