Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chapter 6: Assessment

We all know assessing is a great thing... when it's not over done :) Looking at our student's writing is one of the best and most informative things that we can do, especially in the primary grades! It tells us a TON! Do our students know their letters, letter sounds, beginning/middle/end sounds, AND writing process/craft.

When I first moved to Kindergarten, writing was definitely one of the big, bad scary parts... right up there with lunch the first day :) Here were some of the gems that I pulled out of this chapter:

- Make sure to send home work to parents. This is always a biggie for me. I tend to think about it as a second thought. Especially since I tend to have my students write in their writing folder. Or I hold it all until I'm ready to grade.

- Let parents know what to work on! I started using this paper last year (below) to show my parents what their child needed to work on. It even gives examples of how they can work on it with their child at home.

(Click the picture to grab yours :) )

-Keep a record. I hate this part. I love to talk to my kiddos and confer. However, the whole writing everything down bogs me down. It's a goal for me this year to do better on. Last year, my goal was to improve on my record keeping for guided reading. This year it's my writing conferences records!

-Small group Assessing. This is another new thing for me. I'm really curious to hear what y'all have to say about it too. Do you pull small groups for writing? Or do you just meet with them one on one? I'd love to hear from you below!

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