Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chapter 9 Link Up: One Teacher, One Classroom

I sure hope that you have enjoyed our book study this summer! I hope that you have learned a lot along with us too! Make sure to check out the links below and leave some love on the blogs. AND if you leave a comment (with your email address) of something you learned this summer from our book study, I will select a person to win my new Beginning and Middle sounds packs for this upcoming year!


  1. I'm a new follower and missed the book study. What other blogs were part of it?

    1. Welcome Ashlie! I'm so glad that you are here! If you check out this first link, it has all the blogs that participated.

      Plus if you sort posts on here and select book study, you'll be able to see all of the chapters (my posts and the link ups for each week). There were several that posted every week. Later this week I will be sharing a run down of each week and sharing the freebies that were posted. I hope you come back and visit for it!


  2. This was so much fun! My biggest thing is really getting the importance of the non-writing parts. We are pushed to get them "writing" but ignore the other parts to storytelling. It is my goal this year to include the other pieces as well!

    Thanks for hosting us!

    Cathy I.
    Mrs. I's Class

  3. Thanks for hosting this, Jennifer! Let's keep in touch throughout the school year and see how this is working for us!

    Have a great school year!!