Sunday, July 28, 2013

Talking, Drawing, Writing: The Last Chapter!

I am sad to see this post come. I have had a blast reading and learning along with everyone this summer as we have become better writing teachers together!

Chapter 9: One Teacher, One Classroom

What is the most important thing in your story? Even after teaching students the difference between a seed story and a watermelon story, they can still get into the habit of adding in items that are not necessary. I had a total flashback at the writing example that was given:

We are driving to Stop & Shop.
We parked the car.
We are going in Stop & Shop.

Sounds familiar, right? I can even visualize the particular student (or 2) that wrote like this NO MATTER what I did. I'm especially loving the lessons that were included in this chapter. I really think both lessons are important to do because if you teach the students HOW to add more details, you also have to teach them how to focus on ONE part. Some of the high achievers in your classroom could attempt to over describe everything in their writing. 

I am so excited about teaching writing this year! Are you? Be on a look out for a recap of all the awesome freebies that have been featured during this book study. Plus I have an awesome giveaway going on right now for 3 different $10 Starbucks cards as a Back to School treat! I hope you win!

Don't forget to link you your learning for the week too!

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