Sunday, July 14, 2013

Work Station (Not) Wednesday: ABC/Word Work

Wow, wow, wow! I keep saying that about this book, but really. I mean it each time! I’m posting this workstation today because I’ve been traveling and did NOT have the time/energy to do so after walking the mall area of D.C. on Wednesday. Wowzers was I tired! But look at the awesome picture that my husband took of me! Love it (Even if it’s totally clichéd ;) )!

Anyways, back to the chapter at hand. I absolutely loved this whole chapter! One of my favorite work stations last year was this work station but I always seemed to put things that were waaaay to hard out (can you say magnetic Sitton Spelling letters in the 2nd 9 weeks). This chapter gave me a great sense of what is better (without the trial and error on my part) throughout the year. Here are some of the important things to keep in mind:

- Start basic. In the beginning of the year, upper and lowercase letters (for Kindergarten) is one of the best things. They get to see the letters and name them. Students can put them in order or match them with their partner. Check out this set here that I have and use:

- Differentiate. We always here this magical word, however, in this workstation it can be easy to manage. Give each child a color based on what group/skill/level/ they should be on. Think 4 groups. Post the colors with their names on it in your work station area and then color code your activities. Not as hard as it sounds, promise! I’m going to use the primary colors (plus green because it’s my favorite!) and purchase zipper pouches and plastic folders to use specifically for this.

-Change. Make sure you change out the activities throughout the year. Do not half kill yourself each week coming up with something new (my downfall)! You can add something to the work station every couple of weeks. Look at it this way:

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