Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Work Station Wednesday: Poetry Work Station

Poetry is one of my very favorite things ever! I used to love teaching it in upper grades and looked forward to it every year. Kindergarten is most definitely a totally different horse as far as poetry goes (along with a lot of other things:) ).

Poetry differs in Kindergarten because you are mostly reading different poems, acting them out, and (towards the end of the year) writing/copying poems. Some of your children may be advanced enough to follow a patterned poem towards the end of the year.

The fabulous Debbie Diller has tons of suggestions in her book about how to have a poetry workstation that your students benefit from.

What does it look like?
A small space will do. Have a pocket chart on a stand or the back of a door. I had mine on the back of our door. It was the perfect spot because I could hang it at exactly the right height, have the students create the poem, and have a container of supplies right next to it!

What can they do?
Kindergarteners can do a lot! Check out this list:

-Letter or sight word hunt
-Read the poem
-Illustrate the poem
-Copy the poem to practice handwriting
-Have other favorite poetry books that students can copy their favorites from
-Practice changing rhyming words using sticky notes
-Retell poems
-Act out poems

Any other thoughts?

There are some incredibly AH-mazing teachers out there who have created packets for poetry. One of my favorites is the FABULOUS Deedee Wills. Check out these awesome packets!

These sets are AH-mazing and I promise I'm not being paid to say that! Deedee Wills happened to share a free Campfire set several weeks ago that I was lucky enough to grab. It's fantastic! All of her sets come with the pieces for the poem, the poem to illustrate, emergent readers, activities to last all week, and more. They are so stinkin' awesome!!

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