Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Work Station Wednesdays: Other Work Stations

I'm more than a tad bit sad that I'm almost done with this book. Chapter 9 was all about what else could be a work station. I love that this chapter told me several things that I was already doing! Yay for me! (I love that feeling of verification :) )

Computer Work Station- Kid Pix and Kidspiration are just the beginning for this. They can play games (Fun Brain), read along with stories (Book Flix), write a book review (our school media center has this set up for all the students), and research (Pebble Go!!). I love, love the computer work station!

Listening Work Station- This is one of the most popular work stations in my room. Maybe because of these:

My students love that they weren't all tangled up with each other while they read and listened. I made sure that there were never more than 3 at a station and at least 2 copies of each book.

Puzzles and Games- This was an AH-HA! moment for me. At the beginning of the year, I have my students play games of putting their ABC's in order.. but now I'm thinking- "Why do I stop?" I definitely need to work on some games for later on in the year!

Overhead- Does anyone have these anymore? I don't. I do know other teachers who do.. but most teachers at our school has long since gotten rid of these. I know the few who still have them in the primary classrooms let their students practice writing their letters or sight words. Fun!

Buddy Reading- This is again, one of my student's favorites! They like to hang out with a friend and get their reading on!

Click on the picture to grab your freebie!!

Handwriting, Block, Pocket Chart, and Science/Social Studies- These are also suggested.. I do have to say that I need to investigate them further! The handwriting especially!

One of my very first thoughts was DAILY 5! If you haven't heard of it yet, you need to check it out! Seriously though, you NEED to check out The 2 Sisters and their books:

I use their Read to Self, Read to Someone (buddy reading), Listen to Someone Read (listening center) too.

What work stations do you love the most?

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