Friday, August 30, 2013

Food + Math = Perfect!

After a wonderful question posed by Debbie Clement (love her!!), I started looking around for a post that I just know that I did on patterning about 3 years ago. It was perfect timing too because in two weeks we will be hitting patterning hard in my room!

So I looked and looked and looked and looked and... you get the picture...

I finally realized there was no post *sigh*. It was of those things that I just knew I had done though! So I traveled back in my pictures a couple of years... 3 nights later I found these jewels!

This was an activity that I created my first year in Kindergarten. I love to eat and snack so what's more perfect than an activity involving that? This was an activity that was done after at least two weeks of learning and practicing of patterns. So many kinders who don't go to Pre-k that it's hard to have them do this!

If you would like to do this with your own students, grab the freebie below!

If you like it, I'd love it if you'd pin or leave some love!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Word Study.. You do what?!?

A coworker of mine came up with this fabulous idea this year to send home our sight words for students to learn at home. In the past two years, I sent home the words as we learned them each week and the parents added them to a ring where they could practice them. This year, we are going to take on a whole new way of doing this. I'm going to try to do something a bit different this year: A word study folder in my students' daily folders!

On the front is a letter explaining to the parents: what it is AND how to use it.

On the inside is a pocket for this week's sight words and a personal tracking sheet. The personal tracking sheet (yay! for goal setting!) shows specifically what there child already knows and what they are expected to know. I am going to start with letters (upper, lower, and sounds) and move onto the sight words. Here's what it looks like so far:

I will add an envelope right below the arrow in order to send home sight word cards each week that we learn new cards. These will get added to their binder rings. You can grab your own set of already done (a.k.a Print and go!) sight word cards below:

As we go along through the year, I will keep track of this so that parents will know what their child knows and what they need to work on. In the back of my mind, it reminds me of Sitton Spelling a bit... only a tad bit more practical.

I'm also thinking of adding in an "Other" section of sorts with nifty things they can work on together at home with their child.

What would you include?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The B-E-S-T alphabet ever!!!

There's a teacher in my school that has the COOLEST alphabet chart ever! Take a peek below.. because seriously y'all, it really doesn't need words!

A  Atlanta Braves
B Boston Red sox
C Cincinnati Reds
D Detroit Lions

E Elmira Pioneers
F Florida Gators
G Georgia Bulldogs
H Helena Montana Brewers

I Illinois fighting Illini
J Jacksonville Hockey
K Knoxville Knights

L Lilburn City All Stars
M Memphis Chicks
N Nashville Sound

O Ohio State
P Pittsburgh Pirates
Q Rancho Cucamonga Quake

R Washington Redskins
S Seattle Seahawks
T Texas Rangers

U Utica Blue sox
V Minnesota Vikings
W Washington Huskies

X Sioux City Explorers
Y Yakama Bears
Z New Orleans Zephyrs

** I am going to go back and ask my coworker the names of the letters not filled in. I'll have that posted by Sunday!**

Okay, maybe a few words... awesome. da bomb digiity... :D This teacher was new to our school last year and I swear, as soon as he put these up last year, EVERYONE was stopping by his classroom to take a peek. 

When I stopped by to take pictures, we were talking about how long he's been collecting these. It actually has only taken him a couple of years because of help from friends and family. What a wonderful addition to a sport or baseball theme!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A day in the life....

Wowzers! Can I say that with it being only Tuesday, I'm already pooped! Yep. I said it. P-o-o-p-e-d!

I'm excited to be linking up to share a day in my normal life.

It's intense-- promise!

Here's what my alarm looks like when I'm waking up:

 Yep, but I promise! There is a reason that I get up at the butt crack of dawn :)  Here is my drive:

Yep, 1 hour and 15 minutes..1 way. I know, I know, you are so totally jealous right?

By the time that I get up (and out of bed) it's about 5:00 am. I get dressed and get ready. By 5:30 I'm usually good to go and wake up my kiddos. They commute with me. They are presch for sure!

We try to be out the door (after getting ready, packing bags, grabbing lunches and breakfasts, etc) by 6:00-6:10 (6:20 by the latest because that tends to be when my patience slips!).

Then we continue our trek with some play:

Yep, Batman was totally cruising on top of the head rest. It was cool :)

After dropping the little K off at day care, Little Man and I pull in at school around 7:30 or so depending on when we left home.

7:45-3:15- I teach my heart out!!
3:15-4:30- I spend this prepping for the day while my little guy plays. This was his artwork from today:

Today I was actually at work until 5:30 because I was planning for our grade level with two others for math plans.

Then we trek back home... some times this is what my back seat looks like:

Poor little guy right? He was passed flat out! If it had been last night, we would have been on our way to soccer and home around 7:30.

Luckily today was no practice! So we were lucky enough to get home by 6:30. (I promise after the BOY calms down, we are able to get home by 4:30-5:30!) After dinner (love my crock pot!), baths, stories, and bed, it was about 7:45.

I've now spent the last 3 hours sitting on the couch cutting, sorting, and planning for tomorrow! I bet you're thinking I'm off to bed now? Not so much, now it's time for dishes, packing lunches, and the what not. I might be in bed by 11.

So... what does your normal day look like?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

5 Senses with 5 Activities

This week we will be really focusing on the 5 senses in my classroom. I am so excited about this! We began last week with talking and reading about the 5 senses. But this week we will be using them to learn.. so much better!

Here are my activities:

Monday- I can describe Popcorn.. I love any activity that uses food.. seriously, what's better than an end of the day snack in Kindergarten? I found this awesome chart on Pinterest via Spotlight On Kindergarten.
I would love to do this activity as a 5 senses activity.  I would love the columns to be pictures of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and a hand.
(Not my picture! Totally Spotlight On Kindergarten's.)

Tuesday- I can describe Coconut! I've had two coconuts in my room for a week now ever since we did a week of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I can't wait to see how my students like it! Wednesday morning's graph will be all about if they liked it or not :)

Wednesday- Texture sort! I promise to take a picture of this and come back to link it up later! Since we have already learned sorting in math, we can also sort by texture using our senses! I have bags that contain small pieces of felt, paper, wood, sandpaper, pieces of cloth. My students will sort and draw what they sorted in their science notebooks.

Thursday- Sound walk! I love this idea (from Kindergarten Kindergarten). Look at this great chart that she made with her students:

(Not my picture! Totally Kindergarten Kindergarten's.)

Friday- Glitter Slime :) This idea also comes from Kindergarten Kindergarten. I swear, her ideas get better and better every time I visit there!!

(Not my picture! Totally Kindergarten Kindergarten's.)

It's basically the recipe that uses borax.. BUT there is a freebie recording sheet for your kiddo's science notebooks...

I am so excited about my science notebooks this year. Once the students have a chance to be really trained for science, I'm going to start using it for math in the back half.

What is your favorite activity for 5 senses?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like... fall?

Could it be? Is it really just around the corner? Fall is by far my most favorite season ever! Which is why I'm really, really excited to share this with you:

This adorable emergent reader has two options: one with sight words already typed in and one where your students can write the sight words!

I love emergent readers! They are the best for Kindergarteners and other primary level students. My student's independent reading bags are filled with these for the first few weeks of school! They are usually the books that we have read together (Mary Wore Her Red Dress or Brown Bear, Brown Bear come to mind).

I hope you grab this cute book for your kiddos to read and color while learning about Thanksgiving and Long Ago!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thought Filled Thursday plus Winner, Winner!

This week has been tough. I won't lie. It has featured some definite ups and some way, way definite downs. However, through it I kept thinking several of the same things. I wanted to share them with y'all.. plus who the winner of my quick giveaway was!

So, here is my 'Thought Filled Thursday' thoughts I hope they help to make you a bit more graceful as well ;)

-No matter how cruddy the "stuff" seems... it's for the students. Keep doing your best for them.

-Keep a smile on your face. This is tough, I know. But that "stuff" that is going on, your kiddos don't need to know because they won't understand. Your smile reassures them that you're okay and everything else is too.

-Presume the positive. Look on the bright side. If you always assume the worst... it will probably happen.. or will at least seem like it is.

-Avoid lounge lizards. There is a teacher at my school that has started to remind me of Grumpy Cat. If there is someone at your school like that, avoid them. They will bring down your "grace". Of course, you could always be their ray of sunshine... it's my goal to be that for this particular person.

Ready for some more positivity?  Check it out!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

You won your own copy of:

It's on it's way now!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wowzer Wows!

I am so, so incredibly blessed by all of you! Thank you to everyone for stopping my by store over the past 2 days and picking up a little something for the new year!

As promised, I am giving away the product that sold the most... so, without further ado... okay, maybe a drumroll.......

I just love this little activity!!! My kiddos had a BLAST with it on our first day of school! If you would like to enter to win one of THREE packs, fill out the rafflecopter below. But be quick! I'll be picking the winners tomorrow night at 6 :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

YOU Pick the Prize!!!

I am so excited about my upcoming giveaway! It will start on Tuesday.. but here's the great thing.. YOU get to pick the prize!!! All you need to do is to pick what prize you would like to win from my store and SHARE it like CRAZY!!! You can Pin it, Blog it, Facebook it, Tweet it.. whatever and however! My item that sales the MOST during the TPT Back to School sale (tomorrow and Monday) will be the prize. So the more you share, the more others will buy, the more likely your prize will be picked!!

I can't wait to see what super awesome prize that y'all pick!!!!

Buy One Get One FREE Blog Hop!

Happy Friday to everyone! Who's counting down to the major sale this weekend? Me too! Want to make it even more exciting? The WONDERFUL Kathie Wainwright over at The Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher has created a fantastically wonderful twist... Buy One Get One Free!


You can buy this very wonderful pack during the sale (18th and 19th), there is an extra page on the end with a link and a password that will get you your freebie!

Want it?

Here's the pack to purchase (it's wonderful and super useful!)

This wonderful pack contains "8 differentiated math questions that focus specifically on Counting and Cardinality. For each question, there is a large sheet to print and post and a second sheet that has multiple copies for you to print, cut, and have students glue into math notebooks for the day."

It's easy (little set up) to use and apply! 

Once you purchase it (during the sale), check out the last page (looking for that super secret link and password) so you can download this pack for FREE!

Awesome right?! I sure hope you all jump on this amazing deal! There are several, several others who are doing this as well. It's going to be great!

Thank you Beth for the adorable image!

Voted Best and Most Wonderful!

Were you ever voted the Best or Most anything in high school? I totally wasn't! I was the girl who was friends with the ones that were voted into those things. But I love to share the love with some AH-mazing products!

Teacher's Pet... what would every teacher need.. My Guided Reading Recording Success bundle! I love each and every form in it! I have my guided reading notebook all together and ready to go for this year.. .LOVE IT!

Best Couple... What would be better than a Cross Curricular Pack? One that is discounted of course! You can purchase both of these together to bring Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar into math while also strengthening your students comprehension in language arts!

Most Likely to Help Your Students Succeed.... Common Core Daily Math Questions! You can start with awesome number sense in Counting and Cardinality and then build on the other domains OR purchase them all at once for a discounted price!!!

Check out all these other great people who have shared some love for their products as well!!!

Bunting Books and Bainbridge

Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's here! It's here! The SALE of all sales!

Welcome back to school everyone! Whether you are there already or not, come join in at the sale to top all sales!!!

I am beyond excited since it's my first Back to School sale! I sure hope you stop by and pick up a few things. I am putting EVERYTHING on sale for 20% off PLUS if you add the promo code, you can get another 8% off. What an awesome idea!

Here are some of the fantastic goodies you can get:

 I love my Chicka Chicka Boom Boom set for Back to School! I'm using the alphabet matching set and the play dough mats this week!

 Chester is one of my favorite characters! I always start the year with The Kissing Hand. He is too cute and so sweet! I have the same alphabet matching cards, response sheets, play dough mats, and number matching cards.

 I love Chester so much that I made this adorable First Day craft! You can paint the child's hand or even use a stamp pad to make it even faster. It's perfect!

 Who doesn't love the Very Hungry Caterpillar?! This is the perfect cross-curricular unit set. You can have math and literacy! Buy them separately OR together!

 Setting up literacy work stations can only get better with these awesome task cards!

 Common Core Daily Math Questions for all math domains... Kindergarten...

 and First grade too!

All FOUR word building bundles are on sale: CVC, beginning sound, middle sound, and end sound!

I sure hope your students love these items as much as mine do!