Sunday, August 25, 2013

5 Senses with 5 Activities

This week we will be really focusing on the 5 senses in my classroom. I am so excited about this! We began last week with talking and reading about the 5 senses. But this week we will be using them to learn.. so much better!

Here are my activities:

Monday- I can describe Popcorn.. I love any activity that uses food.. seriously, what's better than an end of the day snack in Kindergarten? I found this awesome chart on Pinterest via Spotlight On Kindergarten.
I would love to do this activity as a 5 senses activity.  I would love the columns to be pictures of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and a hand.
(Not my picture! Totally Spotlight On Kindergarten's.)

Tuesday- I can describe Coconut! I've had two coconuts in my room for a week now ever since we did a week of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I can't wait to see how my students like it! Wednesday morning's graph will be all about if they liked it or not :)

Wednesday- Texture sort! I promise to take a picture of this and come back to link it up later! Since we have already learned sorting in math, we can also sort by texture using our senses! I have bags that contain small pieces of felt, paper, wood, sandpaper, pieces of cloth. My students will sort and draw what they sorted in their science notebooks.

Thursday- Sound walk! I love this idea (from Kindergarten Kindergarten). Look at this great chart that she made with her students:

(Not my picture! Totally Kindergarten Kindergarten's.)

Friday- Glitter Slime :) This idea also comes from Kindergarten Kindergarten. I swear, her ideas get better and better every time I visit there!!

(Not my picture! Totally Kindergarten Kindergarten's.)

It's basically the recipe that uses borax.. BUT there is a freebie recording sheet for your kiddo's science notebooks...

I am so excited about my science notebooks this year. Once the students have a chance to be really trained for science, I'm going to start using it for math in the back half.

What is your favorite activity for 5 senses?

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