Friday, August 30, 2013

Food + Math = Perfect!

After a wonderful question posed by Debbie Clement (love her!!), I started looking around for a post that I just know that I did on patterning about 3 years ago. It was perfect timing too because in two weeks we will be hitting patterning hard in my room!

So I looked and looked and looked and looked and... you get the picture...

I finally realized there was no post *sigh*. It was of those things that I just knew I had done though! So I traveled back in my pictures a couple of years... 3 nights later I found these jewels!

This was an activity that I created my first year in Kindergarten. I love to eat and snack so what's more perfect than an activity involving that? This was an activity that was done after at least two weeks of learning and practicing of patterns. So many kinders who don't go to Pre-k that it's hard to have them do this!

If you would like to do this with your own students, grab the freebie below!

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