Monday, August 12, 2013

Math in Kinder... on the second day?

I used to think about Kindergarten (my days in third grade) and think about how sweet and cuddly there looked. But I never, ever thought about ALL that goes into teaching it. You (I) never think about having to teach about the lunchroom, recess, or hallways until you are a kindergarten teacher!

Then you throw in there about how you need to start teaching right away to 'fit it all in'! Yikes. Well, in the beginning of Kindergarten. It's all about how to follow the rules.. no matter what you are teaching! I just had to share these adorable munchkins in my room and their awesome exploration of unifix cubes!

They were stacking, building, creating letters... and...

Even exploring their numbers! I wish I could show you this little one and how STINKIN' adorable she is! The cuteness can not be contained in my classroom!

They are even excited about exploring my new math rack:

Can you tell we've been learning about rules? Love the 5 little monsters! I'll post pictures tomorrow of the monsters my kiddos made... again, the cuteness can NOT be contained! My math rack is the abacus lookin' thing up near the top. It is wonderful! You can also call it a giant rekenrek. See my post from the beginning of the summer to learn more about these wonderful items!

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