Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The B-E-S-T alphabet ever!!!

There's a teacher in my school that has the COOLEST alphabet chart ever! Take a peek below.. because seriously y'all, it really doesn't need words!

A  Atlanta Braves
B Boston Red sox
C Cincinnati Reds
D Detroit Lions

E Elmira Pioneers
F Florida Gators
G Georgia Bulldogs
H Helena Montana Brewers

I Illinois fighting Illini
J Jacksonville Hockey
K Knoxville Knights

L Lilburn City All Stars
M Memphis Chicks
N Nashville Sound

O Ohio State
P Pittsburgh Pirates
Q Rancho Cucamonga Quake

R Washington Redskins
S Seattle Seahawks
T Texas Rangers

U Utica Blue sox
V Minnesota Vikings
W Washington Huskies

X Sioux City Explorers
Y Yakama Bears
Z New Orleans Zephyrs

** I am going to go back and ask my coworker the names of the letters not filled in. I'll have that posted by Sunday!**

Okay, maybe a few words... awesome. da bomb digiity... :D This teacher was new to our school last year and I swear, as soon as he put these up last year, EVERYONE was stopping by his classroom to take a peek. 

When I stopped by to take pictures, we were talking about how long he's been collecting these. It actually has only taken him a couple of years because of help from friends and family. What a wonderful addition to a sport or baseball theme!


  1. That's awesome! I have some kiddos this year who would be so excited about that! Thanks for sharing, how fun!

    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  2. I would love to know which teams each hat represents, so I could do this same alphabet in my classroom.

  3. The C is not a Chicago Cubs hat, it's a Cincinnati Reds hat :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm super excited that I now have the complete list up! My coworker just sent it to me this morning :)

  4. the K hat is the Charlotte Knights. I've never heard of the knoxville knights

    the "K" stands for "Knights"

    they played in fort mill sc from 1989-2014 but were formed in 1988 and are still around today

    They used this hat from 1994 (Cleveland Indians AAA Affiliate0

    and in 1995 - 1998 (Florida Marlins AAA Affiliate)